Our Story

Rose Foote, the owner of Bella's, comes from three generations of cooks. Her Grandmother, who was an immigrant from Italy, opened up Paula's Diner in Bridgeport and her grandfather, Nick "The Greek" owned Nick's Diner, which was also in Bridgeport. Her first real experience was at age 9, when she started helping her parents in their restaurant, Marie's Luncheonette in Trumbull. Rose learned her way around the kitchen, but more importantly, she developed her work ethic. Rose can remember spending afternoons at Marie's doing homework or eating one of her father's famous old fashion cinnamon doughnuts. Her childhood experiences would carry over into her adult life. In 1995, she went on to open her own catering service simply called, "Rose's Distinctive Catering." Her adventures in cooking would soon lead her to travel to Italy with the CIA on a culinary tour throughout Tuscany, where she continued to develop her international flare for cooking.

Rose opened Bella's in the year 2000 and has since been featured in a number of publications for her talents as a chef and restauranteur. Bella's brings people from all walks of life together to share the simple pleasure of a deliciously cooked meal with a table full of friends and family. 

Rose credits her success to her faith, her parents, grandparents, her husband, Jeff and their son, Joshua.


Rose, Owner of Bella's Cafe

Rose's grandfather " Nick the Greek" in front of Nick's" Diner

A classic Marie's menu. Rose's mother is on the left.

Rose's grandmother,  Pauline, Marie, Pat, Nick, Nick Jr., and Mikey  at Paula's Diner, Bridgeport

Richie, Rose's Father, famous for his old-fashioned donuts.